Key Person Protection

As a company you insure your cars and your equipment against disaster like fire and flood, and include compensation for loss of profits as well as asset replacement.  However, the most important asset of any business is the workforce!
 The success and sustainability of a business may depend upon the contribution made by a small number of “key” people.  In most companies the Directors are Key People, as are the star salesmen, business drivers, and possibly certain technical staff.
The death, disability or long-term illness of any of them could threaten the profitability of or even the very existence of the business. It is imperative that these individuals and consequently the business are protected.
 If you consider that you have a potential problem  we can help conduct an audit for you and assess what sort of coverage you might need  We can then advise you how the business can protect itself by taking out suitable Key Person policies on these individuals, covering death, critical illness and/or long-term illness.