Self invested pensions

SIPPS are personal pensions where an individual, professional partnership or almost any group of individuals can run their own pension investment, having complete control (within Revenue rules) of the investment for retirement.
There is complete flexibility in investment decisions. If you choose this route, you'll be confronted with a range of options over what to invest in.

The Inland Revenue will extend to you the tax benefits associated with pension saving provided you choose investments they approve of. This is still a grey area in many ways, but includes property (in certain forms such as commercial), pension funds offered by life insurers, unit trusts, investment trusts, direct equities, cash deposits and even futures and options. SIPPS are offered by a growing number of life insurers and stockbrokers.

We have many years experience in setting up SIPPs for the
purchase of commercial property and are well versed in coordinating
suitable lenders and SIPP providers.