Innovative Tax Planning

 Whilst Benjamin Franklin’s observation that there are only two certainties in life,
death and taxes, is undoubtedly a truism, nobody likes to pay too much tax.
At David Ducker Associates we have experience and a wealth of knowledge of the
taxation system , and a key element of our service to you is to take an overview of
your financial situation to ensure that as much use as possible is being made of all the
Tax Allowances to which you are entitled.
Our strategic tax planning services are available to significantly reduce and even mitigate
the following:

Personal Taxation
David Ducker Associates can assist in implementing a variety of structures which minimise or negate the income tax burden on working professionals.
Corporate Taxation
We have access to a number of tax mitigation strategies which can assist in profit extraction whilst simultaneously minimizing the tax charge.
Capital Gains Tax
Capital Gains Tax is also a tax that can be comfortably planned around as long as clients give the tax consequences real consideration pre-sale rather than post-sale.
Inheritance Tax
With the property boom of the last decade, Inheritance Tax is no longer a concern for just the Rich and Famous. Various pieces of planning exist which can help reduce or mitigate the tax liability.